A Femdom Adventure [v 0.03]

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Description: You take the role of Eric who dreams about traveling around the world. But the world is full of other things to do that will slow reaching of the goal. Walk around the village, accept quests, talk to other characters and reach sex scenes. Many of them are related to foot fetish.


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us yooooo @ 2018-09-23 20:49:10

i clicked on the pizza in the house to the right of your home and i went invisible x.x

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us yooooo @ 2018-09-23 21:32:48

this game is cancer


us delta123 @ 2018-09-24 01:17:04

Art is ugly


au Alive @ 2018-09-24 13:29:06

This game is a grind fest and is barely entertaining.


hu Nabster @ 2018-09-25 01:54:46

Easy No Effort Gold: First grab the sponge from the field at the south, then go to the restaurant and ask for work. Wash the dishpile in the middle repeatedly. Then go to your bedroom and sleep. Repeat until you have 900 gold (don't buy anything else, you need 550 for the chest armor and 350 for the sword). After you buy these 2 items from the BS go to the field at then north. Walk to a slime and spam Return. You won't take damage. 25g/kill.

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gr Jk123456 @ 2018-09-27 03:02:31

Nabster, hahahahgag


us AwesomeAmerican @ 2018-09-25 04:29:00

What the Fuck


us Jaybird @ 2018-09-26 01:05:49

Another way to earn money is to talk to the farmer in south. U only have to water 1(same plant)x10 to get 85G. And to get the dog suit play the game of roulette over and over, but save the game first and save every time you win, if you lose just restart until you get 10 coins.


au grimrepper @ 2018-09-26 03:41:21

the sequence of winning numbers at the roulette table are 9,5,6,2,8 over and over


us Yep @ 2018-09-27 03:44:33

These poor quality games suck


us Papajojo @ 2018-10-04 07:42:07

Keep in mind this is only version 0.03. I'm pretty sure they posted the game to see how people liked the characters, basic idea, story, ect... so they know if they should keep working on it or just scrap it for another idea.


de bohannon @ 2018-10-15 00:59:42

when will come version 0.4. i liked it


us someone @ 2018-11-29 22:57:13

how do you get out of the prison...

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us dude @ 2019-03-05 00:31:14

someone, I found a way out it's near the mirror that's all I know


ph UV @ 2019-01-03 09:23:22

Mostly grinding. Good for wasting time and for a few people only. It's not a good game for most people, but some can find this quite fun some way or another. I would like there to be less grinding required and more plot. Aside from that, I would say this game is decent and entertains a set type of people.


pt Pussy @ 2019-06-24 05:18:20

I click on the chicken and the game stops


gr Angry @ 2019-06-26 16:53:27

I collected 495 and then it crushed


sg H @ 2019-07-09 13:46:59

Can anyone just post reply and tell me what to do after killing king? Should i finish quest to be dominated by princess?

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br Minjae @ 2019-08-04 23:45:37

H, how did you kill the king


ca LustKing @ 2019-10-29 17:26:22

H, [SPOILER] whether u kill the king or not, all there is left to do in this version is finish whatever quests and interactions that are left from the princess, buy the ship, defeat your shipmates a few times to unlock special interactions with them, and that's it. Don't bother collect supplies to go on the trip to the next island until patch 0.4 comes out because you will be stuck there unless u have a save before reaching the island, there is literally nothing to do there yet.


us jack @ 2019-09-26 07:09:58

game over? For a sex game a hardcore mode seems a bit much


ca LustKing @ 2019-10-29 17:10:37

With a little bit of luck, at level 20 with all armor and your sword you can defeat that random bandit chick before the prison, nothing cool happens when u defeat her but at least you don't get robbed, lol.


cn chinese player @ 2020-01-29 02:54:42

How to get wood?

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at Marcel @ 2020-05-14 05:50:34

chinese player, you can buy an axe at the house next to yours and then you go to the space where the slime is and tap the trees


nl Aas @ 2020-02-01 01:22:29

How do i get suplies

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at Marcel @ 2020-05-14 05:57:38

Aas, you get supplies from the girl next to your house


ca LustKing @ 2020-02-21 05:25:10

It seems like there will be no more development of this game or anything made by Koblas, this dude went ghost.


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