Aching Dreams: 2nd Session

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Description: This is fully working and unlocked version of the game! This dating simulator is really old game but it still ranks really high, because of it's huge game-play and story-line. You'll travel to ancient Serenia where you'll have to meet lots of girls, improve your statistics, buy inventory and many more. If something in the game seems broken and you can not reach sex scenes, describe it in comments.


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zz First Comment Guy @ 2018-06-29 10:48:51

First haha fuck everyone else


zz Anonymous @ 2018-06-29 17:57:54

Teresa's necromancer path doesn't work


pl Unbelievable @ 2018-06-29 22:40:43

Is this really the full version? Can't believe it finally appeared somewhere. I was checking every now and then if it is available anywhere and only recently gave up all hope. :p


zz IDC @ 2018-06-30 18:57:45

Any Cheats for this game?


ie Jebb @ 2018-07-01 04:37:26

Teresa's Necromancer path was never finished, you're not able to make that choice. If you complete the normal route though, you'll unlock the scene for that ending too.


us anno @ 2018-07-02 23:47:27

How do you put in the cheats?


us RandomAnon @ 2018-07-03 04:21:49

I remember when this game was first released back in 2008 and I was only 14. I had searched high and low for a free version but never found anything. Fast forward 10 years later to 2018 (Finished high school, finished trade school, and doing very well with my new career) here it is. It’s scary how random things can remind you of time gone by.


cl hahalol @ 2018-07-03 21:11:05

there aren't cheats for this game sadly, only for the first part and it's hard to find that game too. The easiest way to get the sex scenes is one by one, see what stat the mission of the girl you want you need and max it out, And play in easy mode. The scenes will be saved if you restart the game doing the right click thing.


zz anon @ 2018-07-06 01:22:29

Theresa: Finish Sienna quests. Carmen #3: Lose at cards. Shopkeep: Talk to her upon questlines (not sure exactly when) Agro: Sleep with her on Talia #3 (may require Charisma) Carmelia: Finish Talia #3, then do Carmen #3 and give the Gandeus option. Select 'I want you' Ileane: Finish Beatrice #5, then do Talia #4 and answer 'Yes' when talking to her near the end. Naomi: Investigate her on Jeanne #2 (requires 15-20 Charisma). Sarah: Suggest threesome


zz anon @ 2018-07-06 01:24:41

Taiyo: Go drinking with her on Jeanne #4. Stay and watch on Beatrice #5. Jennifer: Choose option 2 on Beatrice #4. Frei and Sanza: Visit Frei with around 30 Charisma and 30 Scholar. Choose the second option twice to pass two checks. Is a bit random. Get both checks at once for threesome. Candice: Talk to her with around 30 Charisma to go on a date. She gives a riddle. (Reset the game and put your name as 'Taiyo').


sg TanerJoe @ 2018-07-14 14:07:53

Ileane scene at the end of Talia the option yes wasn't available even after Beatrice 5#


zz anon @ 2018-07-17 03:16:44

@TanerJoe: Hmm, I thought it was triggered by meeting the dragon guy. Try finishing all Joanna quests, then doing it..


pl interesting @ 2018-08-06 12:00:39

@anon It seems that Jeanne's second scene is missing, i have tried to complete her mission with 30 charisma and 30 investigation but it was not enough also svietlana one the drinking girl in the casino at Carmen # 2 mission. Anyone have a clue how to unclock them?


nl Idksomething @ 2018-08-06 18:20:59

Every mission I do fails. WHY???


pl that guy @ 2018-08-06 19:43:59

Did someone here managed to unlock second Ileane scene?


pl interesting @ 2018-08-09 14:42:14

Ok i actually unlocked Jeanne's second scene and Ilenee's what i did was completed 6 jeanne (went for a drink with her outside the castle) missions and 3 talia missions then i did 4th Talia mission but the yes option that anon mentioned was irrelevant i couldn't click it then i looked at my stats and number of days left and i thought that i can finish Beatrice story line so i did and execly 1 day left for defending the castle after all that i checked the scenes and Jeanne 2


pl interesting @ 2018-08-09 14:42:57

and Ileane 2 were unlocked


us nice try @ 2019-01-27 23:00:11

Game broken. Talia's path ends early with city destroyed even if you have 2 weeks left. In other paths even if you win the game and save the city it counts as the city destroyed and the game is over.


de Puzzle @ 2019-02-26 21:10:31

Some way to download this game?


us Hmmm @ 2020-02-07 00:54:02

Hey let us download the game to play offline


gb Pizzapenguinlord @ 2020-03-06 23:02:30

"Ahh, and this is the friend zone." fucking perfect lol


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