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Description: Warning, the main file of the game weights 150MB, be patient. Don't click anything before loaded. Also I recommend to use Google Chrome for this game. You are 18 years old and in the last year before going to university. You live with your parents. Two weeks ago you got the results of your recent tests and they were a disaster. Your parents are very angry and you have been given an ultimatum. If you do not pass and go to college, you will be forced to go to work and become independent. You have an exam on Thursday 26. They have hired a tutor to give you lessons in art history, which is the subject in which you get worse grades. And here begins your story ...


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ca TG @ 2016-08-25 10:15:58

This game is long. Agonizingly long. It takes for fucking ever to load, takes for fucking ever to get to anything even remotely hot. Even then all you get are still pictures with 2 weak looping animations. Plus the instant-messaging style you communicate with the girl throughout most of the game is torture. I'm pretty sure it doubles the dialogue time.


us @ 2016-08-25 15:34:56

There is a disable phone delay buttton .. but it seems that sometimes after clicking it game can get stuck and you have to restart it .. (happened in FireFox)


ca download it @ 2016-08-27 14:53:35

download it from the developers page because it's going to take a while to finish this atrocity. The answers are all on pwpwpoker for those who just want to see her tits and the "fucking" by the way the downloaded variant you can hack and have perfect stats but it does nothing special. Just makes the stupid art questions optional. Google image search is your friend.


us jay @ 2016-08-27 20:25:08

i can't get anywhere in this game


us Double Stuff @ 2016-08-27 20:38:02

Great Game!!! I wish there was a bit more animations


us Pornlover @ 2016-08-30 00:05:06

Holy Hell, this game is too Fucking long! All of that BS "continue, continue, continue" for over 1 hour to get to the lamest of sex scene ever! Don't waste your time with this one!


us mtlbro @ 2016-08-30 22:55:41

This game was incredibly long ( like over an hour ) and that's when I had the right answers. It was only pics and very little animation. Disappointing.


fr SPirit @ 2016-09-03 05:27:39

This game is awesome ! It's very long but we have so much contains. It's different from the other games that takes 10 min to complete.


us Mik @ 2016-09-03 08:45:33

hold "enter" on your keyboard to skip the chatter. Interesting story though if you want to read it. Just be prepared to spend a couple of hours on it if you do.


il ezov @ 2016-09-03 23:51:18

sexy game l


dk Hook @ 2016-09-04 06:37:29

Way to long story. No sound and only picture in the sex. Waste of time as sexgame.


fi wtf @ 2016-09-05 12:30:47

this game completely locked up my browser AFTER loading. It wasn't loading anything, just didn't let me close the browser window or do anything else. This is extremely suspicious behavior borderlining browser hijacking. Thankfully my browser is sandboxed. I strongly advise against playing this.


nl friendo @ 2016-09-07 00:02:49

It's the first time I've ever played a game like this. Finished it in one 2.5 hour session (with way too much cheating). While the ending is a bit abrupt and the final scene feels a little too short, it's still an amazing game because of its story.


us steven @ 2016-10-01 15:03:59

i wanna fuck all girls


ca P @ 2016-10-07 02:23:02

It wont load any further then "select language" and "insert name" phase. It doesn't seem to matter what browser I play it in either. This sucks. >_<


np holly @ 2016-10-16 11:13:07

dosent load


us jj @ 2016-10-28 11:50:47

As others have said, this game is exhaustingly long (even with a walkthroug), but it's worth playing for the story.


us Struan @ 2017-01-22 11:20:32

This is an outstanding, intelligent, highly erotic game! Well done!!!


gb some one @ 2017-04-30 11:37:15

finally it's done ! guys you can not finish this game less than 3 or 4 hours even if you always chose the right answer !


us lordhavemercy @ 2017-09-27 06:26:03

have least they got all the drama and B.S. emotions right in the game


us Hayoka @ 2017-10-25 06:55:18

What is the he developers page


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