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Description: Meet Lisette - another hot 3D babe in our virtual online free sex reality. Take a look on the bars at the left side. There you can see how much money do you have, your inventory and reminders, and your influence/romance rating. This game contains 4 unique endings. So don't wait - just go for all endings and enjoy dating and fucking with two beautiful girls.


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us Drew @ 2013-06-22 00:10:57

When I get to the beer at the hotel, the swimming suit disappears. WTF?


gb Catman @ 2013-06-24 17:45:27

Great game


gb Catman @ 2013-06-24 17:46:33

Hopefully this comment is long enough !!!


gb Catman @ 2013-06-24 17:46:58

sljfwkpjnqwekpfjnwkpjgnwdfkgbnwdfklnwdfklgnwd fkghhdghdghsdghdgh


gb Catman @ 2013-06-24 17:48:01

What a load of old pony and trap !


se iso @ 2013-06-28 01:22:41

any walkthrough to this? played for 5 hours and havent gotten in to the stripclub, found the swimsuit or got the threesome ...


be Rebekah @ 2013-07-01 02:05:00

I've been playing for hours and i still cant seem to make it work. anyone who can help me? xx


dk Broken @ 2013-07-03 18:35:45

this game is broken you start with no Money and shes already pissed of from the start. find another side and you will have Money and 4 libs.


vn Zik @ 2013-07-05 18:01:10

Shit I get the lingerie and the hotel key, i guess i need the bath suit too, but can't figure out what's left.


us Shelby @ 2013-07-08 22:42:12

I did it! Woo!

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us Prince21 @ 2019-03-29 23:01:34

Shelby, how? I can't even have sex


gb confusd @ 2013-07-10 22:04:57

how do you do this!


gb confusd @ 2013-07-10 22:16:54

i did it yes.


gb confusd @ 2013-07-10 22:25:29

pink dress then beer/downtown beer dance/uptown get room band drink licker dance resstrent/ room window walk hall talk box three click on her push agenst the wall take off top done.


pl asdasd @ 2013-08-06 23:44:52 e/game/enddare10.html


us an @ 2013-08-09 05:45:52

how to get with daisy


pl fgh @ 2013-08-13 13:52:56

Maddison: talk to Maddison (2 then 3) -> mall -> look in tray (buy strange lingerie) -> walk downtown -> buy beer and right drink (depends on what Maddison says) -> dance -> go to stripclub -> ask for lapdance for Maddison -> tip for dancer's suit -> give money to tip dancer -> push the guy -> 2nd talkin option -> go out ->


pl fgh @ 2013-08-13 13:53:19

-> twice the middle option of picture -> Lisette with her arm behind head -> both on the floor -> suggest they go naked -> you strip naked -> enjoy ;)


us cat @ 2014-09-04 03:11:22

What am I doing wrong? it doesn't want to buy things.


ph Mj @ 2016-11-19 11:58:21

Talk to maddison>invite her>buy swimsuit for lisette>go downtown>buy beer>buy maddison a drink she wants>pay stripper for maddison>tap lisette>choose the 3rd one for maddison>go to your place>walk through the beach>check the view>go to hot tub>suggest lisette the swimwear>tap her and congratulations! Haha


ma Thatdudefromthatoneplace @ 2017-01-06 12:03:28

SOMEONE HELP ive been playing for hours trying to get daisy in a threesome...


tz THE GAMER @ 2017-07-18 08:39:08

Talk to Madison, meet her later, down stairs, clothes store, look on the shelf, buy swim suit, walk downtown, nightclub, buy beer, buy Madison a drink(make sure she says GOOD CHOICE), ask what she’s doing for a living, dance, go to strip club, go to bar, give Lissette tip for dancer, push the drunk guy, lap dance for Madison, tip for dancer outfit, walk to my place along the beach, let her look around, check out the view, option 2, use the hot tub, Option 2 , kiss her, go indoors, dance, enjoy


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