Edge - Season 1

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User Tags: Turn-based games

Description: The New Guard. Use keyboard to play this game. Edge is a guy who used to be a great adventurer. Then he decided to live a simple lazy life with his girlfriend Milly. But then something happened and he needs to find a job. He applied as city guard and now his life will change a lot.


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fr Kazz @ 2019-09-20 11:45:00

hmmm not bad

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sg Broken save @ 2019-09-20 17:32:05

Why do this gamecore??


gb hornnny @ 2019-09-20 21:22:49

seems good


us Luka the hero @ 2019-09-21 04:22:47

Can you save or is it just me?


ca Divinious @ 2019-09-21 15:39:04

when you get far enough the enemies do massive damage and you don't have enough gold to buy potions and the res only heals you to health to take one hit. utterly stupid. no point once you get far its over unless you farm exp for long hours. I con only imagine what its like after you have played for over 5 hours

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us Noob @ 2019-09-21 19:13:13

Divinious, Actually you just need to spend as all your money on potions and fight every enemy you encounter to level up. I didn't grind at all, I just took opportunity to level up. However, when low on health with no potions i just avoid any encounter and when I do, I take them from behind cuz you get a special round.


us Noob @ 2019-09-21 19:14:39

Noob, I also mainly used potions outside of battle, cuz it wont take a full turn.


sg same @ 2019-09-24 05:08:11

Noob, Same I spent 40+ potions its ridiculous how much you need to rely on potions to win


se Friend @ 2019-09-23 14:42:28

ok small help for u guys/girls .... So u try go quards from behind and u will get free attack like 4 attacks in in start not 2 so you can easy done batles without hp lost ..... and after 1. mission go buy sword for male so they 2 together can kill instantly big blade holder .... Good luck


ru Gamer @ 2019-09-26 21:04:54

There are just 5 quests for this chapter, 3 main and 2 side quests. finished all of them. Just a hint when you go to save the queen from the castle try avoiding the guards and reach the main villain... stock up on potions a lot.


us Yeet @ 2019-09-29 02:40:22

Yeet skeet I'm beating my meat


us Mr Wetter @ 2019-11-23 18:06:59

It doesn’t work on mobile... FUCK YOU

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us Mr Wetter @ 2019-11-23 18:08:01

Mr Wetter, no... I’m actually not jokeing...


us Deviants @ 2019-12-28 02:45:44

wheres the capital


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