Kakutou Imouto

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Description: Fight against blue haired big breasted Hentai bitch. Beat her and round after round you'll see some sex scenes with her. Use your mouse to click on her body when attack mode is available. At the end you'll be able to fill her with your cum.


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us Anonymous @ 2013-10-22 22:52:53

There is no way to beat it the first time around. You got to keep retrying and get more points to put into your stats to have a chance

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us Lucifer @ 2019-10-31 18:36:46

i beat on my first try though.


ca napebaf @ 2013-10-22 23:01:24

You have to defend to win. Click anywhere but the attack points and hold it. This will give you the edge you need.


de GameTester @ 2013-10-23 04:54:35

@Anonymous guys from USA i did it by the first time. it was so easy! Special attacks by double-klick on her spots!


de visitor @ 2013-10-24 23:54:20

There is no way to finish this game in one go, since there are several different endings, depending on your answers and actions. Got eight endings so far, but the blank spots tell, that there are at least eight more.

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de Spring @ 2020-04-15 05:38:59

visitor, that right, i have already 9 endings reached.


us fapper @ 2013-10-26 09:47:35

so anyone got a guide to get the different endings?


us Beefy McBigDick @ 2013-10-27 02:22:42

Cries about having her virginity taken, that it hurts and shit. But just before that, she had her fuckin ass get the beat down... And that doesn't hurt?


au anonymous @ 2013-10-28 13:45:34

game's memory seems to be bugged, doesnt save any endings/counters/etc


hk Ho Lee Fuk @ 2013-10-28 15:43:08

can any one tell me howmany endings there are?


de visitor @ 2013-10-28 17:18:07

Found a downloadable uncensored english version from Hongfire. There are 15 endings (memories) in the folder, but haven´t unlocked all of them yet.


sg crocker @ 2013-11-01 04:30:30

If you do not rape her, but give light punishment to her twice and you choose the options "fixated on strong men". You should get the either the love scene or the Reversal Ending


sg crocker @ 2013-11-01 04:36:47

Takedowns can only happen when the meter is down to the last bit. 1) power gauge is full, use the "sweeping kick" by double clicking on the leg. This positions her to a "doggy style" the health bar is very low, it should have an option to "exploit opening" 2) When she does a High kick at low hp and you blocked. 3) when you hit her head with a special attack and she is at low hp, there is an exploit opening. With clothes its "light punis


us anonymous @ 2013-11-02 21:03:47

defeat her twice with her clothes on to get the apathy ending. please post if you find out how to get the other endings. great game.


us anynomous @ 2013-11-03 13:24:22

edit: defeat her twice by using counter each time and selecting the top dialogue option. then cum before reaching climax for apathy ending.


us desperate @ 2013-11-03 18:42:39

unlocked 10 scenes so far: apathy, lewd, reversal, love 1&2, counters 1&2, takedowns 1,2,&3. anyone know if there are any other scenes?


ca game @ 2013-11-05 19:42:36

how do i get love 2 ending , reversal 1 and 2, other. i got lewed 1,love 1 ,apathy 1,counter 1 and2, and takedown 1,2,3. ican't get the 7 ending


nl dunnit @ 2013-11-13 04:09:04

just click outside her image to block her attacks while filling up your own gauge... helps beat the game


ca game @ 2013-11-13 20:45:25

love ending 2 is hard to get


cr Martin @ 2017-08-25 13:57:23

Lovers End: - Just beat the shit out of her without raping her - Select any of the dialogue options, it does not matter; - Select the top option in the last scene. (... I like you, Kaname) Turnaround End: - Follow the steps for the Lovers End, but the bottom option in the last scene. Beat her in round two, do not rape her, and she will do a reverse cowgirl.


cr Martin @ 2017-08-25 13:59:51

Slut End: - After beating her, you have the option to grab her. Next, you can either rape her normally (option 1) or you can fondle her and make her cum (lightly punishment / option 2) - In the conversation after the first battle, pick option 3 (Do you know what this would be if you were not me?), Then option 1 (you will be trained) Repeat the above step, but pick the option you didn 'T do the first time (if you chose to rape her normal, choose to fondle her this time or vice versa).


cr Martin @ 2017-08-25 14:02:03

Submission End: - Cum in her without maxing the pleasure bar. - "Be an asshole." In the conversation after the first battle, pick option 2 (it was the best body as you thought), pick option 3 (your sister also has the best body).


zz bigj @ 2018-07-29 09:49:05

i still don't get how you lick her


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