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Description: The story is about a young and hot princess named Meeyu. She'll have to rule the kingdom and do other king's tasks, because her father has some health issues and can't do his job anymore. But it's not like citizens really love her, because she has some nasty reputation. Your task is to prove that they are wrong and you'll raise wealth of the kingdom.


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gb Willow @ 2019-09-20 13:00:58

The game freezes whenever you press x

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ca Anonymous @ 2019-09-20 13:01:49

Don't try to enter the menu, the game will freeze.

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gb Willow @ 2019-09-20 13:18:03

Anonymous, How do I save then


us Shadow @ 2019-09-21 03:55:23

Willow, save is working for me


de Bob @ 2019-10-16 10:08:28

Willow, by right clicking


us Bruh @ 2019-11-07 21:07:34

Anonymous, when you enter the Synthesis Shop, the games will freeze.


us Helper @ 2019-09-20 13:02:55

Barely playing it as im writing this. Idk why. Wanna see if people have a problem witht the game as i wiol reply back to do the same


nl Anon @ 2019-09-20 14:03:27

Would be a great game if it didn't freeze when entering the menu or fighting slimes.


br vitorr @ 2019-09-20 14:23:20

dont press x, never press x


hk Icarus @ 2019-09-20 14:26:38

This reminds me of pokemon

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us DK @ 2019-09-22 05:16:28

Icarus, game AINT NOTHING like pokemon dude.Pokemon doesnt of sex scene gamefreak would NEVER do it,doesnt a very kluzty princess etc pokemon and this game arent similar in any way to eachother NEVER WILL BE


us Poopballs @ 2019-09-23 03:37:54

DK, Am I right to assume English is not your first language?


us DK @ 2019-09-23 08:28:43

Poopballs, yeah im from maui so my english is not the best


in Icarus @ 2019-09-23 15:31:15

DK, I was actually talking about the graphics and movement


us DK @ 2019-09-23 21:53:04

Icarus, oh sorry dude i figured it was like whole game wise to the the pokemon franchise


hk Icarus @ 2019-09-20 14:48:50

This game takes far too long to load


nl F @ 2019-09-20 15:01:09

Too bad, looks promising but the menu and fighting system is broken in such a way that it makes you load infinitely


ar Marian Flood @ 2019-09-20 16:38:32

good games never go.)))


ar Marian Flood @ 2019-09-20 16:42:30

if you cannot open the inventory it is not worth playing


us Deviants @ 2019-09-20 18:53:16

this game doesnt work


us annon @ 2019-09-20 22:55:01

looks good, needs lots of work before playable


us Phnx @ 2019-09-21 01:42:46

Main game screen freez


us Aries01 @ 2019-09-21 02:04:42

one fucked up game after another they all screw up freeze wont load or crash every game they put out this happens they need better programers


us rip @ 2019-09-21 06:56:10

freezes on now loading after slime fight regardless of a victory or loss. not getting the back button bug though


us Lord @ 2019-09-21 08:27:16

I pressed esc to open the menu, didn't freeze


rs vanjabogvet @ 2019-09-21 15:02:24

the game freezes in first battle plz help


us L @ 2019-09-22 09:13:22

When you get to the first boss room, every character sprite becomes invisible


ch Nab191 @ 2019-09-22 17:05:46

My game does not freeze at all =)


ca anon @ 2019-10-01 17:07:33

where is the flower? it say's it's in the cave SE of town I have been there 5 times and come to a return point, what am I missing?


us Illusional @ 2020-06-18 05:49:31

One of the best RPG maker games on this site!


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