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Description: You are in love with your female colleague ever since you saw her at work of your first day at the job in the lobby. She understands that you really like her and uses your love to manipulate with you. Try to brake the ice and get further in these relationships and maybe finally fuck her or make her to love you, too.


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us jerkfree @ 2019-07-06 00:20:15

must be some feminest bitch that created this game! Any girl that ignores you for three years then has conditions that you wear a chasity is not worth salt !!!

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nl Weeewooo @ 2019-07-06 01:39:19

jerkfree, Amen brother


us Play @ 2019-07-06 10:18:45

jerkfree, gay kids are gay


gb lauren @ 2019-10-31 23:06:25

jerkfree, if this was me as the guy i'd just say get fucked i'm not wearing shit.


us sisurain @ 2020-04-03 23:47:34

jerkfree, A chastity belt Doesn't make you a feminist, just makes you a bitch


us jerkfree @ 2019-07-06 00:28:04

this is the most pathetic excuse for a game!


us Marcos123 @ 2019-07-06 07:43:45*t..can we get Dev's that makes Porn games for dudes up in here plz?

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us Musclegy @ 2019-07-09 21:36:06

Marcos123, Exactly


us Anonymous @ 2019-07-06 10:40:00

This isn't a game its a games framework


de Arn rdlph @ 2019-07-06 14:02:05

Its very weird to Play like this


br TipMaster @ 2019-07-07 02:08:52

protagonista burro mesmo


us Jerkfree @ 2019-07-07 05:44:18

This game is not worthy of a match to burn it, this is someone who is a total dyke or has serious daddy issues


nz Playfree @ 2019-07-07 09:10:46

why is it all the games of this style are sissy boi propaganda


gb Dave @ 2019-07-07 20:15:12

Games alright like


us Kyounshi @ 2019-07-08 08:37:02

Fucking trash. I hope this dev dies by drowning in sewage.


au Waddles @ 2019-07-09 02:21:41

LOl you have no reason to visit the doctor like bitch i havent came in like 5 years like mf that's blue balls right there


us DerrickD @ 2019-07-11 23:03:59

Omggg this game is worth it


us Nalkona @ 2019-07-16 18:07:53

Im so confused by this game. All I do is go to work and then spend the rest of my life working out to stay in shape. Then the crush just kinda is there taking my money.


ca Heez @ 2019-08-01 22:46:51

Great game love to spread it out


us Neverloved @ 2019-08-11 22:02:10

She legit just stopped meeting up with me after a while. wtf


se Crackwhore @ 2019-08-31 02:28:20

Dafuq is this shit? Just loads of text nobody cares to read? Go to work, go to bed???? Jerk off??


nz WHAT THE FUCK @ 2019-10-07 22:26:01

I'm glad I only got as far as seeing a cock cage. Fuck playing the rest of this shit. sissyboys will be loving this. but. fuck this shiter of a game -5stars


us Joseph stalin @ 2020-05-03 09:08:36



fi Confused @ 2020-06-16 16:19:02

She stops meeting me after 5th week (i get the option that it has been a week since i last seen her and when i click it my only option is to go back to my room) I don't know what i'm supposed to do now?


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