Tower [v 0.36.3 Light]

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Description: First of all be patient as the game loads (huge one). The game is about Dark Lord's universe. You have to clear the tall towers full of dangerous and sexual monster girls. Check all locations and try to complete the game.


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ru HippoMan @ 2016-12-06 17:51:44

this game does not load


pl huge @ 2016-12-06 22:37:17

try to wait, its work


fr broflowey @ 2016-12-06 23:27:48

not gonna but i love this game.he is so worth it play i love this game xs


de carsch @ 2016-12-07 17:43:00

this is really good I can only recomend it


us Jahjin @ 2016-12-07 21:20:10

Yo does anyone have a save code with patreon stuff unlocked?


ma Code @ 2016-12-07 21:30:13

hl47he174129hstp0hs150hdm500hmh1000hh1000hmm5 00hm500hde250hcmb142hnxt181100hsc0hhc0hdec0hc mc0hdmc0htai1htea10htwa1htfi1htfo10hskd5hskh5 hskc5hskt5hsca5hsst79319hmon954517hbbe1hhpb25 hmab20hcub10hpeb30hper186ttlSls469bschim2bsfo xT2bsfoxH2bsnaga2bscyclo2bsempr2msslim2msfair 2msalra2mshols2mscat2msbunny2msliz2mskap2mssc o2mscent2msharp2mssat2msvamp2mssucc2mswitch2h rdlvl65aboutShop1aboutHouse1aboutPlace1aboutP eople1aboutHelp1aboutSpherePiece2aboutTownHel p1aboutChimeraVictory1aboutPricesRising1


cz Lama @ 2016-12-07 21:48:09

save code for lvl 45, all non patreon bosses beat, defeated not escaped fox girl, 47 souls for unlocking


ca bigdog @ 2016-12-08 01:57:17

hl33he82356hstp0hs25hdm127hmh1009hh956hmm225h m225hde33hcmb97hnxt83625hsc0.33hhc0hdec0.9hcm c0.44hdmc0.89htai1htea10htwa1htfi1htfo10hskd3 hskh4hskc3hskt2hsca3hsst209hmon6033hbbe1hhpb6 hmab5hcub5hpeb5hper430ttlSls5bschim1bsfoxT0bs foxH0bsnaga0bscyclo0bsempr0msslim2msfair2msal ra2mshols2mscat2msbunny2msliz0mskap0mssco0msc ent0msharp0mssat0msvamp0mssucc0mswitch0hrdlvl 65aboutShop1aboutHouse1aboutPlace1aboutPeople 1aboutHelp1aboutSpherePiece0aboutTownHelp1abo utChimeraVictory1aboutPricesRising1about


au Idk @ 2016-12-08 12:07:53

How do you have sex with the fox girl?


br Forka @ 2016-12-09 01:10:57

game keeps looping in the intro showing: You activate forgotten ritual!! All monsters have been unlocked!! any1 knows how to fix it?


de Ben @ 2017-10-06 03:47:21

(Version 0.36.1 Light) Lvl 50; HP:1287; MP:300; Speed: 56; DMG: 338; Def: 40; Combo (lvl): 78 Tamed Foxgirl. hl50he203905hstp0hs56hdm338hmh1287h h1287hmm300hm300hde40hcmb78hnxt207725hsc0hhc0 hdec0hcmc0hdmc0htai1htea10htwa9htfi1htfo10hsk d4hskh4hskc4hskt1hsca5hsst1396hmon2967hbbe1hh pb19hmab10hcub3hpeb7hper501ttlSls6bschim2bsfo xT2bsfoxH2bsnaga2bscyclo0bsempr0msslim2msfair 2msalra2mshols2mscat2msbunny2ms


de Guyy @ 2017-12-20 17:32:30

This Naga combo is bluff. I found a way to do it (Just make youre FPS lower by zooming in). I did it millions of times nothing important happened. You just get an achievment. Dont waste 3 hours on it like me. ;(


us eva @ 2018-03-26 23:53:06

hl237he9232124hstp0hs640hdm2234hmh23933hh2393 3hmm5075hm4873hde425hcmb313hnxt9334200hsc0hhc 0hdec0hcmc0hdmc0htai1htea1htwa1htfi1htfo6hskd 5hskh5hskc5hskt5hsca5hsst171890hmon632596hbbe 1hhpb34hmab19hcub36hpeb50hper1001ttlSls3bschi m2bsfoxT2bsfoxH2bsnaga2bscyclo2bsempr2msslim2 msfair2msalra2mshols2mscat2msbunny2msliz2mska p2mssco2mscent2msharp2mssat2msvamp2mssucc2msw itch2hrdlvl65aboutShop1aboutHouse1aboutPlace1 aboutPeople1aboutHelp1aboutSpherePiece0aboutT ownHelp0aboutChimeraVictory0aboutPricesR


us Go Fuck Yourself @ 2018-03-28 23:36:30

Complete garbage, got all the way to the end and the final boss is about 60 quick time events that happen so quickly that you can't actually complete it. There is no point to this, I hope you get face Aids


us Heheh @ 2018-03-30 09:53:45

lvl 155 HP 30000 Mp 2500 DMG 1060 Def 255 hl155he3064167hstp0hs180hdm1105hmh31505hh 31505hmm2100hm2100hde270hcmb232hnxt3092000hsc 0hhc0hdec0hcmc0hdmc0htai1htea1htwa1htfi1htfo1 hskd4hskh5hskc5hskt4hsca5hsst2664hmon343605hb be1hhpb5hmab5hcub1hpeb2hper738ttlSls11bschim2 bsfoxT1bsfoxH1bsnaga2bscyclo1bsempr0msslim2ms fair2msalra2mshols2mscat2msbunny2msliz2mskap2 mssco2mscent2msharp2mssat2msvamp2mssucc2mswit ch2hrdlvl100aboutShop1aboutHouse1aboutPlace1a boutPeople1aboutHelp1aboutSpherePiece0aboutTo w


zz master @ 2018-05-15 12:55:35

| If you wanna be op from start try this code v


us dragbibus @ 2018-07-02 18:57:56

There's 4 ending in this game : First the "bad ending" is where you can have the empress scène you have to kill every monster in the game (even the poor fox girl) and survive until the last attak of the empress when she grab you broke free and that done. Second we have the "jugement" ending you need to spare the fox girl and be friend (or more) because like the bad ending do again what i said above and our little fox come to the rescue but...


us dragbibus @ 2018-07-02 19:12:17

And the last ending you have to be like goku vs jiren in dragon ball because you have to to the left/right/up/down thing...good luck... i didn't even succed myself so...

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de GhostFace_26 @ 2020-05-09 10:30:21

dragbibus, i found the 3rd ending the so called "true ending" you just have to make the judgemental ending a couple of times then you can talk with that fox girl about you previos lifes and she will defeat the empress in the true ending without her dissappering


us dragbibus @ 2018-07-02 19:18:59

And one last thing you have a hidden scène with the storekeeper all you have to do his click to "why are you staring at my neck"she will tell you she like your amulette and want it is you say yes you unlock the achèvement tricked but if you keep saying no you will said at one moment you have something in mind je can give you(if you know what i mean) after that you have unlock the in gallery/spécial and you have all at 0cost in the store .


us dsd @ 2018-08-20 08:38:34

i love it make a other one


eg DOCR @ 2019-04-23 02:23:11

can i win the fight against empress and how? how many endings are there?


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